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Bangkok RHVAC 2022 and Bangkok E&E 2022 Answers the World’s Challenges with Innovative Products


Bangkok RHVAC 2022 and Bangkok E&E 2022 provides several interesting products which answer the world’s challenges such as pandemics, air quality and environmental issues. Some of the highlighted products from leading manufacturers are as follows:



Large air-conditioner with a special germ-preventing filter, an innovation for better germ filtering and air circulation, or Air Handling Unit (AHU) from well-known manufacturers such as Daikin, Uniaire, Tasaki, CI Group and Siamtemp. This product provides better germ prevention for hospitals as well as better Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) for both residential and commercial buildings.



Environmentally friendly compressor from Kulthorn and Siam Compressor Industry (SCI) which contains no Hydrofluorocarbon (HFC), a refrigerant that cause Ozone depletion and global warming. This product complies with one of the world’s hot issues, Net Zero Carbon.



Cold storage from top brands such as Patkol, Sirayut and ITC, and vaccine refrigerator manufactured by Thai leading brand, Thermedez. These products are invented with innovations to help prevent growth of germs which respond to the New Normal lifestyle.



Find your One Stop Solutions for every specific need at Bangkok RHVAC 2022 and Bangkok E&E 2022.