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  • Thailand is the world’s largest manufacturer of hard disk drives (HDDs) and Southeast Asia’s production hub.

  • Thailand is the second-biggest exporter of air-conditioning units and the sixth-largest exporter of refrigerators.

  • Bangkok RHVAC and Bangkok E&E are Southeast Asia's largest RHVAC, electrical, and electronic appliance trade shows.

  • The previous show in 2019 attracted more than 10,000 visitors from 63 different countries, including more than 350 exhibiting companies and 136 international exhibitors.

  • An opportunity to meet with 100 leading air-conditioners, refrigerators, electrical and electronic appliance manufacturers, and exporters worldwide under 1 roof.

  • This year’s event will feature the latest innovative products for the new normal, cutting-edge medical innovations by Thai manufacturers, and creative ideas to invent new innovative products.

  • The event offers one of the best platforms for training and exchanging technological knowledge for HVAC professionals and related businesses. The talks and lectures will be delivered by top industry leaders and experts.

  • The product categories at the event include.

BANGKOK RHVAC : Air-conditioning, Refrigeration-contracting, Refrigeration equipment, Ventilation & Heating, Tools & Equipment, Parts/Materials and other.
BANGKOK E&E : Home appliances/Audio and Visual Appliances, Industrial/Power Supply, Parts/Accessories, IT and OA, Lighting & Equipment, Other and Service.