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Camping and Glamping Market Trends in Japan and Thailand


The trend of outdoor travel and living in proximity to nature through camping is gaining significant momentum in numerous countries, including Thailand. Additionally, a novel form of outdoor tourism has emerged, offering the luxury and convenience typically associated with hotel stays within a camping setting. This trend, known as glamping, combines the elements of glamour and camping, making nature-based tourism more accessible to individuals of all ages. Consequently, camping and glamping have garnered widespread acceptance and popularity.

At STYLE Bangkok 2024 (today until Sunday, March 24, 2024), alongside lifestyle and fashion products, attendees can explore a diverse array of captivating camping and glamping product booths. Moreover, the Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP) has collaborated with the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO Bangkok) to present two experts who will share insights and experiences relevant to entrepreneurs and individuals interested in the tourism industry.

Ms Yukako Wakasugi, Vice President of JETRO Bangkok, noted that camping tourism in Japan has a longstanding history, initially popular among students but now embraced by people of all genders and ages. Particularly, female and solo travelers have shown keen interest. This surge in camping tourism not only impacts the growth of tourism services but also spurs growth in camping-related products and fashion. The trend leans towards minimalist, durable, and easily portable camping equipment such as tents, sleeping bags, lanterns, stoves, and water bottles. According to Japan's National Glamping Association, the glamping business boasts a market value of 100 billion yen, with over 500 facilities nationwide.

Mr. Phachara Trithipthanakul, formerly an advertiser and now the owner of the AHU Brand, shared insights on emerging trends in the camping and glamping business in Thailand. AHU, which stands for "Active Homo sapiens Union," produces wilderness living-related products, crafted locally from teak and titanium. He identified eight trends shaping the industry in Thailand:


1. Gorpcore, the fusion of hiking wear with everyday fashion emphasizing comfort, breathability,

and waterproofness.


2. Camping Tribes, forming communities of camping enthusiasts through social media and

organizing group activities.


3. Wilderness Therapy, offering activities like digital detox, forest bathing, and campfire

discussions catering to those seeking mental rejuvenation.


4. Cultural Immersion Camping, incorporating local culture into camping experiences to add depth

and meaning.


5. MYOG (Make Your Own Gear), the rising trend of creating personalized camping gear, popular

in the US and Japan.


6. Material and Artisans, emphasizing sustainable sourcing of materials and supporting local



7. Plug-ins & Extensions, designing add-ons to enhance the functionality of existing products.


8. Customization, allowing consumers to personalize products according to their tastes and



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