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Updating the Latest Trends at Bangkok RHVAC 2022 and Bangkok E&E 2022


Bangkok RHVAC 2022 and Bangkok E&E 2022 features a range of activities for manufacturers, buyers, traders, importers, exporters and key players in the industry from around the world to keep them updating on the latest trends as follows:

7 September - South East Asian Air Conditioning Standard Update

By Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Industry Club

8 September - ASHRAE Standard 170-2021 Ventilation for Health Care Facilities

By ASHRAE Association
Building Performance and Energy Simulation
By Air Conditioning Engineering Association of Thailand


9 September - Natural Refrigerant and the Reduction of Global Warming

By Thai Refrigeration Association
The Future of Thai Air Conditioning Technicians
By Thai Air Conditioning Traders Association

10 September - Installation Standard of Variable Refrigerant Flow Air-Conditioning Systems (VRF)

By Thai Federation of Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration


Those interested in participating the seminars are welcome to discover the world’s trends and update at Bangkok RHVAC 2022 and Bangkok E&E 2022.