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“Stay Healthy, Stay Connected” Exhibition Showcases Cutting-edge Innovations at Bangkok RHVAC 2022 and Bangkok E&E 2022


Bangkok RHVAC 2022 and Bangkok E&E 2022 is organized under one roof in the concept of One Stop Solutions with New Innovations for New Global Challenges to showcase the complete range of Thai manufacturers’ innovative products and services that answer the world’s challenges, such as pandemics and environmental issues. These innovations are presented in the 
“Stay Healthy, Stay Connected” exhibition.



The “Stay Healthy, Stay Connected” exhibition showcases innovation for smart living solutions and medical smart electronics answering the world’s health and sanitary issues. There will be interesting products, such as vaccine freezer, mobile refrigerator, air-conditioning system for negative pressure room and dental room, telemedicine device, smart electric pole for the smart city using solar and wind energy and also portable air purifier, as well as interesting medical research models, such as lipid nanoparticles synthesis for COVID-19 vaccine development, surgical mask filtering effectiveness tester, high purity oxygen concentrator and linear particle accelerator model for medical use.



Discover a wide range of products and services, including cutting-edge innovations at Bangkok RHVAC 2022 and Bangkok E&E 2022.