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Gems Identification in the age of AI


In the world of gems and jewelry trading, many factors contribute to a gemstone’s value. Of course, attributes like color, weight, size and clarity matter. But another crucial factor lies in the origin of gemstones, particularly for corundum (rubies and sapphires) and emeralds. Siamese rubies, Colombian emeralds are much to be coveted.


Expert gemologists rely on physical properties and advanced laboratory instruments for accurate origin determination, but challenges like outdated equipment and insufficient databases lead to potential errors. To address these challenges and propel gemstone origin determination into the digital age, initiatives like the “Gems World Intelligent Database project” by GIT utilize Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorithms. These efforts aim to enhance analysis precision, minimize human error, and ensure the enduring competitiveness of the Thai gem and jewelry industry, which has been a trading hub for gemstones, in the global market, especially as consumer interest in gemstone origins continues to grow.


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Bangkok, 10 February 2024


Press info: Chidsupang Chaiwiroj