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Meet Rising Thai Jewelry Brands at The Jewellers Showcase


In terms of gems and jewelry, Thailand is globally renowned in many aspects. As a gemstone trading hub, the country has attracted buyers and tenders who look for unique, high-quality gems. Thailand’s strategic location also makes it a melting pot where diverse cultures collide, becoming a fertile ground for the birth of new creative designers.


Over the past few years, Thailand has seen a burgeoning wave of talented and innovative jewelry designers emerging onto the global stage. These designers are infusing traditional Thai craftsmanship with modern aesthetics, creating unique pieces that appeal to both local and international audiences.


At Bangkok Gems, the Office of Value Creation, Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP), endorses the growth of jewelry market by organizing 'THE JEWELLERS', showcasing and selling 14 brands of Thai jewelry designers, from the Designers' Room and Talent Thai project and Fashion Showroom (Shanghai) project under the concept of "THE JEWELLERS SELECTED SHOP”. In the 69th edition, the chosen brands include Basic Teeory, Carletta, Caso, Be’Shine, Cherinadded, Chofa Studio, Charites, Ek Thongprasert, Imprint, Kara, Mormormor, Nuj Collective, Stories of Silver, and W0DD Bangkok.


The Jewellers Showcase is located on the G level at the 69th Bangkok Gems and Jewelry Fair, 21-25 February 2024 at QSNCC.


Bangkok, 23 February 2024


Press info: Chidsupang Chaiwiroj