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Thailand glows as a Gemstone Paradise


Nestled in the heart of Southeast Asia, Thailand shines as a beacon of beauty and brilliance in the world of gems and jewelry. With its rich heritage, skilled artisans, and abundant natural resources, Thailand stands as a premier destination for gemstone enthusiasts and jewelry aficionados alike. Among its many gems, Krabi, Chanthaburi, and several other provinces glitter prominently, each offering a unique facet to Thailand's illustrious gemstone industry.

Krabi: Known for its stunning landscapes and pristine beaches, Krabi reveals another hidden gem within its rugged terrain – its bountiful mineral wealth. From shimmering blue sapphires to radiant zircons, Krabi boasts a diverse array of gemstones waiting to be unearthed. Gemstone mining in Krabi has been a centuries-old tradition, with local artisans skillfully cutting and polishing these treasures to perfection.

Chanthaburi: Dubbed as the "City of Gems," Chanthaburi is a bustling hub of gemstone trading and craftsmanship. Chanthaburi's skilled lapidaries employ cutting-edge techniques to transform rough stones into polished gems of unparalleled beauty, cementing the city's reputation as a world leader in gemstone cutting and trading.

Beyond Krabi and Chanthaburi: Other provinces also contribute to the country's dazzling allure. Phuket, with its opulent jewelry stores and exquisite pearl farms, offers a glimpse into the world of luxury gemstone jewelry. In Chiang Mai, artisans masterfully craft intricate silver jewelry adorned with colorful gemstones, reflecting the region's rich cultural heritage and artistic finesse.

As one embarks on a gemstone journey through Thailand, they are not just exploring the depths of the earth but also delving into the soul of a nation steeped in tradition and beauty. Thailand's gems and jewelry industry beckon adventurers, collectors, and connoisseurs alike to uncover the treasures that lie within, and you can find it all at the 69th Bangkok Gems and Jewelry Fair, 21-25 February 2024 at QSNCC.


Bangkok, 23 February 2024


Press info: Chidsupang Chaiwiroj