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Press Release DITP unites with Board of Trade of Thailand to line up grand international ‘STYLE Bangkok’ event



Press Release  DITP unites with Board of Trade of Thailand to  line up grand international ‘STYLE Bangkok’ event

One of the highlights is a special zone showcasing exquisite works by artists and entrepreneurs as this mega exhibition promotes a trendy, sustainable lifestyle on the world stage

The Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP) has teamed up with Board of Trade of Thailand to organize STYLE Bangkok 2023 on a grand scale this year with the objective to make the event Asia’s top fair under the Bio-Circular Green model by encouraging entrepreneurs to sustainably produce and market lifestyle and fashion products, while the two agencies hope to see Thailand become a hub in Asia for the industry.

        The mega event, featuring 500 exhibitors who will display and sell their merchandise at as many as 1,000 booths, is expected to reap a whopping 1.4 billion baht in revenue.

        STYLE Bangkok is scheduled for March 22-26, 2023, at Queen Sirikit National Convention Center.“The lifestyle and fashion industry has played a major role in driving the Thai economy because more than 90% of businesses in this sector are SMEs employing over 1 million workers,” said DITP Director-General Mr. Phusit Ratanakul Sereroengrit. “Exports of lifestyle and fashion goods in 2022 grew 16.5% year on year and were worth 450 billion baht,” he went on to add.

        “STYLE Bangkok is an international stage that showcases the potential of Thai lifestyle and fashion that have undoubtedly reached world standards. The exhibition creates opportunities for business negotiations and creates alliances among entrepreneurs across the world,” Mr. Phusit said.

        “This year marks the sixth time the event is being held and it has been organized this time on a full scale after a two-year suspension due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We decided to hold the event at Queen Sirikit National Convention Center, which has been given a modern touch and is situated in the city center, making it convenient for participants and visitors,” he added.

        “The timing of STYLE Bangkok 2023 is most suitable because Thailand has fully opened the country, while at the same time the economy is picking up,” said Thai Chamber of Commerce & Board of Trade Thailand President Mr. Sanan Angubolkul.

        “The organizing of STYLE Bangkok is nothing short of confirmation that Thailand is ready and has the potential to hold any global event. The Board of Trade of Thailand and the Department of International Trade Promotion realize the significance of steering the country forward with the policy to develop the lifestyle-product sector so it becomes a top world industry while boosting exports,” he said.

        “The event also offers a stage for crucial business negotiations and demonstrates Thailand’s potential, innovation and technological advancement in production and development of goods to give our lifestyle products added value globally,” he added.

        To make STYLE Bangkok stand out on the world stage, the organizers decided to hold the event at Queen Sirikit National Convention Center and rebrand the event by stressing on the “STYLE solution” – that is presenting various interesting solutions to consumers who are looking for fashion and lifestyle products.

        This grandiose event caters to every demand of consumers and importers, especially those seeking furniture, gifts, home decorations, dining ware, kitchenware, toys, spa products including fashion items or even hotel supplies. The event also displays new materials and innovative items, making it a convenient one-stop fair.

        Moreover, the organizers aim to make the event a platform to promote and create awareness of sustainable marketing under the concept “sustainability+”, an expo that not only meets but also creates world mega trends. The ultimate objective is for Thailand to become a hub in Asia for lifestyle products and fashion. All eyes are on STYLE Bangkok as it is expected to generate at least 1.43 billion baht in revenue and welcome 30,000 attendees.

        Furthermore, the large event features a number of special activities, including showcasing the DITP’s DeepTech Development Project, seminars and providing trade information courtesy of the DITP and the Board of Trade.

        One highlight of the event is the Art Zone, which will be held for the first time at such an event. It will comprise an area displaying lifestyle plus creativity, street art and exclusive, thought-provoking art installations by a team of leading entrepreneurs.

        STYLE Bangkok 2023 has received strong support from a host of federations, such as the Thai Gifts Premiums & Decorative Association, the Thai Tanning Industry Association, the Thai Leather Goods Association, the Thai Housewares Trade Association, the Home Decorative Design Association, the Thai Garment Manufacturers Association, the Thai Furniture Association, the Design & Objects Association, the Thai Footwear Association, the Thai Stationeries and Office Supplies Association, the Thai Toy and Children Products Trade Association, the Thai Weaving Industry Association, the Northern Handicrafts Manufacturers-Exporters Association, the Thai Textile Manufacturing Association, the Thai Man-Made Fiber Industries Association, the Association Of Thai Textile Bleaching Dyeing Printing and Finishing Industries, the Association Of Thai Footwear Industrial Promotion and the Creative Design Association.

        Thai lifestyle and fashion product exports in 2022, which were worth 449 billion baht with a 16% on-year growth, mainly included furniture, household appliances, garments, textiles, thread and man-made fibers. The major export markets were the United States, Japan, China, Australia, Vietnam and Indonesia. This year, the DITP aims to raise its export targets to 128 billion baht for lifestyle products and 328 billion baht for fashion goods.

        STYLE Bangkok 2023 will be held from March 22-26 at floor G, Halls 1-4 at Queen Sirikit National Convention Center. The business negotiation days are set for March 22-24 from 10a.m. to 6p.m. and for the public on March 25 and 26 from 10a.m. to 9p.m.

        For more information and details, please visit the website or STYLE Bangkok Fair on Facebook or Instagram.