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Seamless technology and sustainability: the priority in hotel designs

Sustainable tourism is inevitably the most challenging and definitely a rising travel trend. It is quickly becoming a priority especially for hospitality leaders and hotel businesses around the world. At a recent seminar on “Green Purchasing” by Mr.Anthony La Caprara, Senior Vice President, Project EMMA Design & Construction, Singha Estate Public Company Limited, speaking at the ultimate lifestyle trade fair, “STYLE Bangkok October 2019” points that there are five key trends to hospitality designs. Firstly; Seamless Technology, Smarter Hotels, secondly; Minimal and Natural Design, thirdly; Sustainability, fourthly; Emphasis on Guest Healthy and Well-being, and lastly; Local Experience. 

Organized by The Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP), Ministry of Commerce, is underlining its commitment to success by organizing the ultimate lifestyle trade fair. The highlight project especially created for this edition is the “STYLE de Bangkok Hotel Showcase”, which underlines Thailand’s position as a supplier project. The showcase combines more than 50 brands in one event featuring ready-made designs and crafts including clothes, accessories, home utensils and decorations, carpets, uniforms, decorative items, bath and spa products, gifts, as well as tailor-made and customized furniture to meet specific project requirements.

La Caprara, whose global projects include the famous Saii Lagoon Maldives and Hard Rock Maldives to name just a few, he further explains that by knowing your client is one of the key success.

“Understanding of key players in the design field is essential. It is important to know which brand they have work for, their most recent projects, and understand their area of expertise. The manufacturer should also stay relevant and be up to date. They should follow hospitality trends and upcoming projects, know which suppliers provided to recent projects. Being informed allows you to sound informed. Nevertheless, it is important to create powerful profiles. Although Thai people like to do business via line communication, it is not good enough. You need a professional website where foreign investors can share the information, and it should be beautiful design as well particularly if you do something about sustainability, put it at the front,” he notes.

Specifically, about sustainability, La Caprara, notes that according to Dian Verde Nieto, CEO of Positive Luxury stated that millennials are twice as likely to support brands with strong management of environmental and social issues and expect brands to not only manage their impact but communicate it. It is about 87% of millennials believe that the success of a business should be measured by its impact on the world.

“Thus, what does sustainability offer? It’s cost savings, guest experience, and brand image. Sustainability plays a role in the client’s ability to showcase sustainable efforts, which is essential. The use of recycled materials and bio-based products have to be proven to be composed from biological product or renewable agricultural materials including non-Petroleum based. In addition, being green also means product that last, which is the potentially one of the easiest and the most effective ways of being sustainable, making the products that do not require replacing or frequent refinishing. Ultimately, for the designer touchpoints, suppliers should ensure the material origins that it can be traced to legitimate origins utilizing renewable or recycled approaches.”

The challenges due to negative environmental impacts, hence, the economic factor that is driving the industry trend toward sustainability.

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