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Technology and retro lifestyle - the new design trend for 2020

During the seminar at “STYLE Bangkok October 2019” on the topic of “Sharing of HK Smart Design Awards and HK Design” by Mr. Andrian Chou and Mr. Leung Hing Kee Gray, noted that with fast pace lifestyle and digital savvy from the morning to the night, “technology and retro lifestyle” is seen as the new design trend for 2020.

Organized by the Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP), Ministry of Commerce, is underlining its commitment to success by organizing Asia’s largest lifestyle trade fair, which takes place from 17-21 October 2019 at the Bangkok International Trade & Convention Centre (BITEC), Bangna. STYLE Bangkok October edition is a valuable marketing tool for DITP, which is organizing the event for the fifth time to showcase producers of Thai lifestyle items to the international market. The focus is on creativity and innovation, which is in line the government’s creative economy policy. The concept “Cre-novative Origin” is a perfect blend between Creative and Innovation and synonymous with Thai origin. The October edition features 986 exhibitors and about 1,841 booths, divided into 859 Thai companies with 1,653 booths, and 127 foreign companies with 188 booths.

The special talk pointed out how the HK Smart Design Awards has been successfully encouraged enterprises in both Hong Kong and mainland China exploring and developing lifestyle products for the design market. The Hong Kong Exporters Association assist the enterprises upgrading and restructuring operations and promoting domestic and international sales.

For the coming design trend in 2020, Gray adds that “technology and retro lifestyle” will become a big hit as people want to slow down the technology. People miss the retro lifestyle of the 70s, 80s, and 90s. His designs film camera project; Yashica digiFilm -create a new concept of digital camera which deliver a retro analog camera experience. Also, his Escura hand power instant camera, which Gray works with a production team in Bangkok has been very well received in the market.

“Soon I plan to launch the more high-end film camera to the market. People want to slow down the technology, to make more relax and slow life. Technology and retro lifestyle is definitely coming trend especially in Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand and some European countries but not in tech-savvy like South Korea.  The trend is applicable to any type of lifestyle products, for example, for the music and audio. The vinyl record or the cassette tape might come back with the same retro look but digital technology. Music is kind of lifestyle. Digital music goes very fast but with vinyl record sometime you can listen to the song slowly, you can hear the lyrics like word by word and enjoy the melody clearly. When I come to Bangkok, I like to come to Chatuchak market to explore the new ideas. All these stuffs will attract new generations, though it considers old for us but new for them, the young people has never experience it,” the designer points.

STYLE Bangkok October 2019 aims to promote Thailand as the center of production and export of quality lifestyle products in Asean and push STYLE Bangkok to become an international lifestyle trade fair that can respond to every demand of customers and buyers in an industry that is constantly changing. This is particularly true for the new trend of businesses that no longer only sell one type product but offer a wide selection of products as collections under the lifestyle category.  The fair also covers the niche market for specific target groups.

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