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Conquering Paris with Thai Silk Bags


The unparalleled beauty of Thai silk which is perfectly combined with the intricate patterns in vibrant colors, this second-to-none charm is a reflection of the Thai cultural identity that shines brightly in the Thai Silk Handbag brand “PAVA”, founded by Thai celebrity Pavarisa Phenjati. PAVA is taking the fashionista’ heart by storm and on its way to conquer Dubai, New York, to Paris.

At STYLE Bangkok October 2019, organized by the Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP), Ministry of Commerce during 17-21 October 2019 at BITEC, Bangna. The fair reaffirms its position as the forefront lifestyle trade show and one of the most comprehensive trade events in Asia. STYLE Bangkok not only provides a platform for buyers and sellers to meet, exchange knowledge, get updated on the latest lifestyle product trends, but also helps enhance opportunity for Thai entrepreneurs to embark into the global marketplace.

Sharing her experience during the “Changing Perspectives: Conquer Paris with Thai Silk Bags”, Pavarisa or Wan Wan said she has always been in love with Thai silk and loves to wear silk with her own designs and patterns. After trying to find the bag that matches her beautiful silk dress, she found none. That is when she came to realization of having her very own silk handbag brand. Being a perfectionist, she enjoys sourcing raw materials; from silks, metal parts, to leather products. Surprisingly, her very first exclusive collection quickly sold out.

“I was sitting in the shop in New York when I saw this beautiful woman with black suit. It was not her suit that grabbed my attention, it was her bag. It’s like a statement piece. That’s when I realized I want to create my own silk bag brand. Thai silk is unique and cannot be found nowhere else. Thai silk has a uniqueness, for instance, the designs could be so various, exceptionally good quality, and it looks and feels luxurious. My inspiration on working with Thai silk is Her Majesty Queen Sirikit, the Queen Mother. Selecting the right pattern is the key. I’d like to select modern patterns as it can easily patched with another piece and look fashionable like a work of art.”

“Another secret is to select colorful pieces and choose the style of bag that is popular among fashionista and teenager. For example, the Crossbody bag, the Belt bag, the Prism bag. Some of PAVA bags are used by celebrities and are also featured in magazines as street-style bags which help generate more interest. A silk bag is a handicraft, naturally luxurious, and intricate. Thus, the key success of PAVA that is the difference from other fashion brands; is to create a statement that it is a rare and original piece. The hardest market to enter for new players is a fashion capital like Paris in France. It is almost impossible to have a standalone brand store there. So, we are penetrating Paris using the consignment strategy where PAVA handbags are available in multi-brand stores.” Pavarisa added.

The charm of Thai silk is not only making it unique from any other native fabric, but also reflecting extravagant and classic Thainess. From past, present, to future, Thai silk will continue paving its way to conquer the ASEAN market and the global market.

STYLE Bangkok October 2019, the most stylish lifestyle trade fair in Asia takes place during 17-21 October 2019. Trade days from 17-19 October, 2019, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Public days from 20-21 October 2019, 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. at BITEC, Bangna. For more information, visit or dial DITP Call Center at 1169.