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Come update future interior design trends @ STYLE Bangkok October 2019

Come update future interior design trends

@ STYLE Bangkok October 2019

Among the many exciting activities and the seminar, organized as part of STYLE Bangkok October 2018 at BITEC, Bangna is a seminar led by a globally renowned interior designer Thanawat Sukakkanon, Managing Director of Interior Vision and the Director / Secretary-General of the Thailand Interior Designers’ Association. Thanawat stepped on stage to share his life-long experience on “Future Interior Design Trends”

Thanawat shared with the captivated audience that to keep up with consumers’ needs, targeted consumers can be categorized into five groups. First group called Baby Boomer – aged 55-73 years old, dependable,  high purchasing power, Italian cuisine is their favorite with Chinese second and Mexican come in third, tend to hold on to their lifestyle and taste, like antique-style furniture, use tablet as device to gain information and knowledge, compare quality and service, can be highly influenced by internet.

Meanwhile, the second group but the largest generation is the Gen-X – aged between 44-54 years old. This segmented group consider has the biggest population especially in China, India, and the USA; highest purchasing power; want their own place with social statement small-sized furniture that is non-luxurious but modern and high quality; enjoy dining out approximately 8 times a month within the range of spending as much as 3,000-4,000 baht. Gen-X also enjoy activities with other generations.

The third segmented group is Gen-Y, popularly known as the Millennials (aged 23-38 years of age). The Millennials love beauty and online shopping hence they prefer to shop online, tend to repetitively buy goods especially those that cost less than 1,000 baht, enjoy travel to exotic destinations, and are the first generation of bloggers. Millennials tend to be influenced by bloggers of the same generation or by friends, more than by celebrities or actors. Social media is part of the Millennials’ lives as well as an environmentally-friendly mindset. Therefore, furniture with an eco-friendly design is to-die-for product for this generation.

The fourth group is Gen-Z (aged 4-24 years old) – has high impact to the modern world and is the generation of digital natives, believe in gender fluidity and equality, wear unisex clothing, like organic products especially skincare, search for the unseen and surprise destination on social media as Gen-Z are more likely trust information on websites than teachers.

The last target group called Gen Alpha or the children of the Millennials, aged between 1 day old to 9 years old, grew up with digital toys that help progression of growth. Gen Z will work alongside AI and robots in the near future.

Speaking on 2020 Color of the Year, Thanawat explained “The Pantone Institute has announced the Color of the Year of 2020 that is Surf the Web, the blue of power reflecting the sun’s ultraviolet and keep the building cool. While the Beetroot Purple and the Golden Brown define the connection between past and present. Meanwhile, Terracotta which is widely used in the furniture and home décor gives a sense of warm and friendly, the green from arsenic acid and mixture of toxic chemical give the mysterious vibe of the Medieval Art that connect to demon, witches, while the Neo Mint is a symbol of purity and chastity.

Managing Director of Interior Vision concluded his session by giving tips to designers to study on future color trends and incorporate in the interior design and furniture to tailor-made what customer needs. Nevertheless, the digital marketing has to be implied. Theses are inevitable trends, so to succeed in this business, penetrate the market with your best strengths.

Come get and up-to-date trends with the most stylish design from top brands at STYLE Bangkok October 2019. Be indulged with themed zones and highlighted activities such as Niche Market Showcase, Innovation and Design Zone, IDZ Showcase, IDZ Bazaar, the New Faces, Trend Forum 2020, to name but a few. STYLE Bangkok October open for public until 21 October, 2019,10 a.m. to 9 p.m. at Hall 98-104 of BITEC, Bangna. For more information, visit or dial DITP Call Center 1169.