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STYLE Bangkok: where Project Solutions begins The stylish fair helps promote Thailand as a Project Destination

STYLE Bangkok: where Project Solutions begins

The stylish fair helps promote Thailand as a Project Destination


“STYLE Bangkok October 2019 underlines its unique charm by highlighting the top Thai designed brands. Where trends are being shifted from past to present hence designers and crafters have to keep up with the pace. Thai lifestyle producers show their confidence to compete but have to stand out above the rest. The Project Solution aims to push Thailand towards becoming a one-stop production and service center of hospitality and real estate sectors.

 Jirachai Tangkijngamwong, the Marketing Manager of R&D at DEESAWAT Industries Co., Ltd. revealed “For the DEESAWAT brand, this is our fifth time participating in the STYLE Bangkok fair which is organized by the Department of International Trade Promotion, Ministry of Commerce. I believe that the STYLE Bangkok fair is an effective platform for the lifestyle industry to showcase its great potential. Our company has taken part in every STYLE Bangkok fair in the past, therefore, we have seen the progress of the fair over the years. We have observed some changes, for example, furniture manufacturers and producers used to produce Big Lot Orders to sell to importers and wholesalers that attend the fair, however these target groups pay more interest in products from our neighboring countries due to the cheaper cost of production, compared to Thailand.”

STYLE Bangkok is unique and stands out from other fairs. This is crucial as it attracts more merchandisers, hotel and resort owners. Additionally, STYLE Bangkok should be set as one of the biggest destinations for hotel and real estate projects. Jirachai further elaborates that the Thai furniture industry has such a high potential as the industry can provide a one-stop service. Furthermore, STYLE Bangkok is able to underline the strengths where the fair features a wide spectrum of furniture all under one roof by offering a compact Project Solution for all. He extended an invitation to all interested parties to experience Thai furniture advancement at the “STYLE de Bangkok Hotel Showcase”, a contemporary hotel-style showcase featuring rooms decorated in

distinctive styles, using products from leading Thai designers and entrepreneurs that blend perfectly  with modern lifestyles. Decorated and designed under the concept “White is the most colorful color”, the STYLE de Bangkok Hotel Showcase incorporates an all-white color to give fairgoers the experience of visiting the art gallery where the designed products will be put in the spotlight. The exhibition features some 50 outstanding brands, which include handicrafts, textiles, accessories, decorative items, carpets, uniforms, home décor, bathroom ware as well as spa, gift, and tailor-made designs for personal use and projects. The zone will definitely ignite an inspiration in those whom are interested in a house make-over after the visit.

Mr. Jirachai added “The exhibition format emphasizes the industry’s trends today that hotel and resort owners often seek for original designs that are original and have a unique identity. We as the manufacturer strive to develop and create a product that answers to those needs of the key target audience. Having the opportunity to jointly organize the STYLE de Bangkok Hotel Showcase alongside the DITP, DEESAWAT also believes that the trade opportunity is immense. The exhibition features stylish designs that will greatly benefit Thai furniture producers as well as the hotel business and highlight Thailand’s readiness as the center of Project Solution where buyers may find sought-after products that stand out.

“Focusing on Asia, we don’t have a Project Specialist. As for Thailand, if Thai manufacturers and designers can synergize and collaborate, I believe the success is definitely within our reach. The point is we have to show the world that we are capable of providing an inclusive service that is not only design and making furniture, but also the one stop solution. This is when the apparel industry comes in as another important component. By not aiming to compete as a singular industry but to join forces in hotel projects such as uniforms. If we can propose this to clients and secure their confidence that we are able to provide a project solution for all. I can guarantee you that buyers will surely choose Thailand as their Project Destination.”

DEESAWAT’s Marketing Director expresses his confidence that STYLE Bangkok October 2019 will empower the Thai lifestyle industry and designers whom have creativity, innovation, and originality to showcase their products to global buyers and at the same time help boost exports. STYLE Bangkok October 2019 is open to the general public until 21 October 2019, 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.

at Hall 98-104 of BITEC, Bangna. For more information, visit or dial DITP Call Center at 1169.