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About DITP

Partner in Prosperity

The Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP) is the Thai Ministry of Commerce’s foremost agency dedicated to the rapid and sustained expansion of international trade for both domestic achievement and global benefit.

Over the last 40 years the DITP has facilitated countless multi-million-dollar trade deals, both governmental and private, to the satisfaction of international investors and entrepreneurs worldwide. And as a whole new dimension unfolds with the launch of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) in 2015, the DITP is ready to guide you in taking advantage of the almost unlimited possibilities presented by a free-trade system in a single market bloc of 600 million consumers.

The DITP, with its vast and varied database of manufacturers, exporters and service providers in Thailand and overseas, is ready to respond directly and promptly to all requests from international entrepreneurs for any kind of product or service.

Through the DITP, you will be matched with an ideal partner in order to form a business partnership that is both mutually beneficial and progressive.

Tap in Endless Opportunities In ASEAN with DITP

Why Thailand, you may ask? Well, why not? While global economic trends are increasingly focused on Asia, Thailand – strategically located at the very heart of mainland Southeast Asia – has clearly gained more advantages, highlighting its role as a center of trade, investment and tourism.

What’s more, with the economic integration into regional trade blocs, from the 10-member Association of Southeast Asian Nations to ASEAN Plus Three (China, South Korea and Japan) and further with our additional Dialogue Partners in the Asia-Pacific region (India, Australia and New Zealand), the Thai Government is all set to embrace the endless opportunities coming our way, through clear policies that facilitate foreign investors in their business ventures in these countries.

Asia’s emerging markets, especially in once slumbering China and India, present a whole new profitable perspective for international investors. We at the DITP are well-positioned to gain you entry into these markets, especially in regard to ASEAN and the above-mentioned six countries with which Thailand already has free trade agreements.

At the DITP you will be tapping into a fountainhead of professional experience to secure unbeatable trade opportunities throughout all of Asia and the Pacific region, as well as anywhere else in the world.

Take Advantage of Thai Creativity

Thailand enjoys an long history of culture and tradition, which have magically woven their exquisite charms into a number of products and services that are now in great demand around the world. Such ancient cultural wisdom and techniques provide a veritable smorgasbord for investors.

The skills and creativity of Thai professionals are well known and highly respected worldwide. Thailand is therefore a great place for you to expand, with our assistance, your existing business ties while forging newer and more profitable engagements.

The DITP is ready to match you with qualified Thai partners in assuring the development of first-rate products and services, all at very reasonable outlays. You will enjoy working with Thai professionals in fields as diverse as industrial design and high fashion, architecture, graphic design, animation and more.

In a nutshell, when it comes to creative design and manufacturing, Thailand has never disappointed. At the DITP, your every need and requirement is earnestly anticipated.

Dial DITP for Business Success

The DITP is just the ally you require in the complex and competitive international marketplace. In working with us, you will find all the information, networks and services you need to make your business successful-both in the Thai marketplace and offshore investments.

You’ll find yourself well taken care of in terms of sourcing, subcontracting, franchising and licensing, plus green field and brown field investments. To help spread the good news about Thailand’s enormous pluses, the DITP organizes many promotions and trade fairs in Thailand and abroad. These also include in-store promotions, product exhibitions and trade missions in target markets worldwide.

DITP…Your Vital Link To the World’s Top Suppliers

When working with the DITP, you will find the answer to each and every question about trading with Thailand and its ASEAN partners. Furthermore, as a good government entity, the DITP can always offer you the right connection in every facet and area of trade, investment and entrepreneurship. Facilitating G2G agreements? We’re here to help. Need B2B matching? No problem. Want to join the right network? We can take care of that, too. How about raw material sourcing or upstream-to-downstream manufacturing? That is our specialty as well.

Simply stated, the DITP offers you a one-stop service for the right kind of information and contacts you will need for a successful business deal or venture in Thailand; connecting you to the rich pool of natural and quality human resources while matching you with strategic partners for possible collaboration in trading, investment, sourcing, subcontracting, etc.

Thailand has an enviable and well deserved reputation as the region’s economic powerhouse. For decades, it has ranked as the world’s No.1 rice exporter and more recently as the top maker of hard disk drives. Dozens of Thai products have meanwhile enjoyed inclusion on many of the world’s Top Ten lists.

To link you with the world’s top suppliers, the DITP will navigate you along a direct route to the country’s abundant food and agricultural sector, which has earned the country a reputation as “The Kitchen of the World” Much in the same way, the DITP will guide you to the hub of specialized services, such as designer jewelry, skills and fabrics, ceramics and handicrafts, computer graphics and animation, health and hospitality industries.

With our Vast and efficient network, the DITP can connect you with the perfect suppliers in the blink of an eye.

Get Great Deals Online

The DITP’s online portal allows you to get right down to business 24/7. At, great deals and B2B contacts are right at your fingertips.

As the premier site for sourcing Thai products and materials, remains unbeatable in proven quality and standards recognition. With DITP, the best deals are just click away.

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